Watch The Dark Tower Now!

The Dark Tower is a film adaptation and a continuation of Stephen King’s novel series which has the same name. The main protagonist is Idris Elba who plays the character of Roland Deschain which is a gunslinger whose quest is to protect the Dark Tower which supports all realities. Matthew McConaughey, on the other hand, plays the antagonist, the Man in Black, Walter o’Dim while Tom Taylor stars as the apprentice of Roland, Jake Chambers.

The story starts and develops when Jake Chambers started to have visions of a Man in Black who is determined to destroy a tower that could wreakhavoc in the world and a Gunslinger who would go out of his way to stop the nemesis. Unfortunately, his mother, stepfather, and psychiatrist all dismissed his thoughts because they believe that it was just a product of trauma which he experienced during his father’s death last year.

When you watch the movie either in cinemas or online movie sites, you will see that at his apartment home in New York City, a group of workers that claim that they are from a psychiatric facility offers to rehabilitate Mr. Chambers. However, the kid, recognizing that they were the monsters who took form in the human skin, fled from the apartment and started to track down an abandoned house that he has seen from one of his visions. He then discovers a portal which connects to the Mid-world and here is where he made contact with the gunslinger Roland Deschain which has also been pursuing the Man in Black because of the visions that he has related to a revenge that has something to do with the death of the father of Walter. Roland already knew that Walter has been abducting psychic children whom he intends to use in order to destroy the Dark Tower.