Is Movie Online Going To Replace Cinema

Due to the advancements in technology, things that are recently invented are considered more efficient to be used compared to the older versions, which in turn would end up rotting or eventually gets phased out. It is a sad reality but that is just common sense since people are going for the most practical.

That is why when online movies were introduced film industries are starting to worry because of the possibility of their business fading down and sales decreasing. But, is it really something that they should be afraid of? Or simply a practical method for some people?

Cinema Vs Online Movies

  • Paid Vs. Unpaid – in the aspect of price, of course people would prefer to the idea that it can be free to watch as many movies as you want instead of paying for a single-viewing only. As much as possible, in terms of practicality, online is really better, especially when you watch on fmovies.
  • More People Watching Online? – this is actually a misconception. Despite the movies being available online, there are still people who prefers to watch it on big screens because of the experience in watching on something that they can see clearly with good sound quality. Of course, they will also be able to connect with other moviegoers since they share the same taste in terms of a movie.
  • Movie Makers wouldn’t allow that – if all of the movies are going to be free, then sooner or later no one will produce any because they spent a lot just to be able to make a movie, particularly those with good effects that looks realistic. As much as possible, the sales of tickets are the means for them to be able to get back the money they spent on to finish the movie as well as to get some profit for making a good show.